Batman: Arkham Knight

2015 release that lets you play as the Dark Knight

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Batman: Arkham Knight is the last in the dark and often overly-gritty Rocksteady Arkham trilogy set in the Batman universe, and it certainly meets the mark as a fine conclusion to these iconic games.

Playing as the Dark Knight himself, players will take on the underworld of Gotham City as those forces attempt to take over the streets. This game is one of the most beautiful in the series, and it is a worthy ending to the tremendous story that is the Arkham trilogy.

This game is a callback to the original Batman: Arkham Asylum game that completely rewrote the rules for how Batman should be portrayed. That game showcased how Batman was meant to be vulnerable from a non-superpowered hero perspective, but it also portrayed Batman as an opponent who could become untouchable with the right mix of tools, the environment, and the cunning of the player.

This game continues that tradition and strengthens it even further. Scenes are now larger, denser, and filled with more dynamic elements. The game starts with a threat from the Scarecrow, and Gotham is evacuated while criminals and thieves run the streets. Told through dark and cinematic sequences, the plot is just as integral to the game as the structure of the gameplay itself.

The main antagonist in this game is the Arkham Knight, a villainous threat with tons of organized forces, tanks, weapons, and much more. He has promised to kill Batman, and the game revolves around the player seeking out justice. Much of the gameplay is the same as previous editions, including the familiar grappling hook that allows players to reach the rooftops so they can glide with their massive cape.

There are a ton of side quests for the player to discover as the game progresses, and there are a number of classic Batman villains who's stories are told with surprising creativity and depth.

Combat is unavoidable as Batman, and the combat system for this game is as detailed and perfected as it is in the older games. Counter-attacks and free-flowing strikes make the battles appear large and choreographed, but they are merely Batman operating at his highest level.

There are certain sequences where Batman teams up with other heroes for greater power, and there is never any shortage of material in the environment to incorporate into a fight. Stealth is Batman's other great talent, and there are certainly instances when that is a much better option that a head-on attack. By maintaining stealth, players can manipulate their enemies into falling right into any trap.

Players can also ride in the Batmobile, which is a first for this game series. The addition of the iconic vehicle is exciting, but it is ultimately unnecessary for the gameplay since Batman is already so mobile within the city of Gotham.

  • Great Conclusion
  • Unique Array of Villains
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Includes Batmobile
  • Innovative Combat System
  • Stealth and Balance Navigation System
  • Complex Controls
  • Gratuitous Violence

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